• 23 Nov 2014

    New Mixtape: @Eminem & @DJWhooKid – Shady Classics

    Eminem has had one of the most successful careers in the music business of any genre. With the Shady XV compilation LP slated to drop (Nov. 24), he released a compilation mixtape with classic records. From Billboard hits, to underground street c...
  • 23 Nov 2014

    .@MacMiller Discusses His $10 Million Warner Bros Deal

    Mac Miller is a very rich young man. He signed a lucrative deal with Warner Bros. for $10 million. This comes after earning his stripes as a successful independent artist. His album debut Blue Slide Park rose to number one on the Billboard chart...
  • 23 Nov 2014

    .@TPAIN Performs “Coming Home” On CNN’s Headline News

    T-Pain is pays homage to all of our soldiers and their families across the globe. This song was originally an ode to his wife and the pleasures of coming home to her after being on tour. But later during the writing process he transformed this s...
  • 22 Nov 2014

    New Video: @BoosieOfficial – Life That I Dreamed Of

    Boosie lays in the cut in the "Life That I Dreamed Of" visual. This record is off his Life After Death Row mixtape. In the video he reflects about wanting and finally obtaining the good life. You know, the "Money, power, respect and a whole lot ...
  • 22 Nov 2014

    New Music: @OGMaco – Fat F***

    Is it a diss? Or just a song with nobody in mind? We'll let you be the judge. OG Maco and Key! as a pair are some of the brightest in the game as it stands. Both payed their dues in Atlanta, both have appeared on each other projects. The most no...
  • 22 Nov 2014

    New Music: @RickyRozay ft. @FrencHMonTanA – Headache

    Two LP's in one year?! Not many have the talent, the audacity, the respect to do so. But "biggest boss" Rozay is that that echelon. "Headache" is a bonus track that will be included in the CD version of the Hood Billionaire album at all Best...
  • 22 Nov 2014

    New Video: @Beyonce -7/11

    Queen Bey releases an official video for "7/11", one of the new songs off the upcoming BEYONCÉ: The Platinum Edition album. The video shows Beyonce and her crew in different parts of the globe enjoying themselves and causing a bit of chaos at ...
  • 21 Nov 2014

    .@YG Talks #BlameItOnTheStreets, Keke Palmer, Being Stingy & more On #TheBreakfastClub

    Angela Yee is always out to get the tea, but YG wasn't budging for nothing during this interview. While promoting his mini movie "Blame it On The Steets" dropping December 15th, he had a quick lil' interview with The Breakfast Club. They covered...
  • 21 Nov 2014

    .@IggyAzalea Responds To @Eminem’s #ShadyXV Song

    Coming off of his ShadyXV Compilation album, Eminem says: “So swallow my pride, you’re lucky just to follow my ride / If I let you run alongside the Humvee / Unless you’re Nicki, grab you by the wrist, let’s ski / So what’s it gon...
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